Cat Styles Course

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THE Cat Styles Course is the only course in the world that teaches you over 15  styles. 

But that is only the beginning. Your education is sectioned into different styles for different body parts. For example; the second Module is sectioned into Heads, Tails and Legs. You will learn several styles for each body part. these styles can be mixed and match in a variety of combinations. 

Your imagination can carry you and your feline clients on a journey of styles that never get boring!

Your Instructor

Jackie Halina cmcg cdg cdt brings decades of knowledge with an artistic flair to the pet groomer seeking to advance their skills. Growing up in a family of teachers, teaching comes naturally to Jackie. She can easily teach subjects, lacing it with humor and honesty.

Her passion for animals shines when she  is working with them which has been for most of her life. She has been grooming dogs for over 25 years and cats for over 15 with her masters in cat grooming. She was also a veterinarian assistant for 8 years, worked in wildlife rehabilitation for 7, worked with SPCA's and Humane Societies and is a certified dog trainer and dog behaviorist.

Jackie doesn't believe in holding education hostage and eagerly teaches anyone who asks. Jackie is excited to bring these felines fashions to groomers so they can bet their skills and increase their earnings.  She cheers the successes of her students.

Jackie can be found doing regular live feeds on cat grooming on social media and posting videos on her YouTube channel ICATS for Groomers.

Education Style

Each lesson in The Cat Styles Course, is delivered via video. With over 60 videos, each  video has step by step instruction on a variety of cats.

The videos are created on different cats in a working grooming shop to give you, the student a realistic experience with cats that aren't always cooperative. 

With the variety cats throughout the course, you will see different coat types, lengths and colors and how to work the coat into different styles to complete a smooth finish.

You'll learn land marks that will give you symmetrical grooms every time!

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Cat Styles Course Sections

The Cat Styles Course starts with the Techniques Module, teaching you techniques that you will use throughout the course. These techniques will advance your skills for any groom, creating a finished groom that flows and stands out against other groomers.

The next module is Heads, Tails and Legs. You'll learn different head, tail and leg styles that you can interchange easily with most of the styles, creating grooms as unique as you are.

The next modules cover styles that you can offer to your clients as part of your grooms. You'll learn different ways to style cats into Teddy Bears, Baboons, three Lion fashions fit for a Queen. Bobcats, Lynxes and Panthers followed by a variety of Dino patterns. Let not forget that Diamond Backs and Pineapples! Creative completes your learning experience and arms you with easy techniques to WOW the owner

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ICATS offers certification in each style with a final Master Feline Stylist designation!

All testing is strictly practical and can be done through online video apps such as messenger or zoom, in person, or via video submitted.

There are no written assignments or exams.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity?

Are you ready to join an elite group of cat groomers?

Are you ready to advance your skills?

Are you ready to make your existing skills POP?

Ready to increase your profits by offering choices of styles to your clients?

Bored of styling lion after lion after lion?

It's time to quit Lion around! There's Lynxes and Panthers waiting for you to create!

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