Learn to Groom Cats

When you learn to groom cats, one of the most satisfying feelings is when a new client calls telling you that they were referred to you by an existing client. It feels even better when that referral comes from a veterinary clinic or other pet professional.

This says that you are doing a great job.

A cat that was fearful the first groom and by the third or fourth is relaxing and head butting you gives you a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside.

Knowing when the cat is at his/her limit shows that you, as a cat groomer, have gone above and beyond to increase your education about feline grooming. You have acknowledged that grooming cats is a different skill set than dogs and you are willing to alter your methods to satisfy the purring fur ball on your table.

There are  many ways to learn to groom cats.

Different Ways to Learn Cat Grooming

You can learn to groom cats from another groomer that you are working with.’ This is a very common method of learning in the grooming industry and very accessible. But, what if the one you are learning from is out dated in their methods or just not very good.

Learning from books is an option that many utilize, as the hands on classes and seminars are too far to travel too. But what if you are a ‘hands on learner’; reading about something may be difficult to put it into practice, especially if the book has more words than pictures.

Videos are another complimentary learning method available to groomers and a very good way to learn on a long distance level.

Seminars, classes and structured courses are by far the best way to learn to groom cats. An experienced instructor takes you on a journey, which you willingly go on, to dodge fangs and claws. A seminar is real life grooming, especially if the cats are unknown to you. Even your own cat will behave differently during a class situation; however, this is the best way to learn.

The instructor can show you step by step as you can ask questions to which the answers are immediate.

The way you learn is often determined by distance, time and finances. We urge each individual to learn from as many people as they can and to continue learning, for as cat grooming matures; new methods evolve, as do new styles.

I’d like to say gone are the days of cat bags and taping feet, but they aren’t. There are still groomers out there who spend more time taping cats’ feet than they would styling the cat in a lion trim. Cat grooming doesn’t have to be brutal. Cats don’t have to be stretched by one groomer while another shaves him.

It can be done calmly, professionally and humanely.

It all depends on you. How do you want to learn and how do you want to groom cats?

Learn to Groom Cats with ICATS


A class scenario is by far, one of the best ways to learn a new skill. Not only do you benefit from an instructor being present to answer any concerns or questions, you also get to learn from other classmates as they may ask a question that you never would have thought of.

The instructor is also able to create different strategies for the individual student in a class based on the limitations of that individual.

ICATS seminars are highly interactive and engaging. The seminars are taught with written material, hands on experience, demonstrations and live cat grooming.

We also offer mini seminars or lectures for grooming and pet events.

For a more detailed description of all our seminars, visit our Seminar Page.


If a seminar does not work with your schedule or learning needs, ICATS offers private instruction with one-two students.

Access our course outline.

Long Distance Learning/Testing

Many groomers are in isolated areas or are too far a distance to attend a seminar, for this reason, ICATS has developed a Long Distance Learning option for students.  

For those groomers that are able to attend a seminar but are not ready to test for their certifications, ICATS has developed a long distance testing option for both written and practical testing.

Although in many countries it is not yet required for a groomer to have formal education, we believe that offering a high standard for learning will only create groomers that excel at their chosen profession.

We also believe that through high standards of education, not only will we prevent cats from being traumatized through barbaric grooming methods, but we will also be able to keep more groomers from being injured.

Your investment in a cat grooming seminar could save your life.