International Cat Accredited Training School For Groomers

I.C.A.T.S. has been created to bridge the gap between dog and cat grooming. We offer a high standard of instruction and an even higher standard of testing to create safety for both the feline and groomer.

Cat grooming is a highly specialized skill that not everyone can do safely. Many times a groomer will treat the feline as a dog. When this happens, the kitty is often traumatized and hurt or the groomer is bit or scratched. This is simply a lack of knowledge and training.

Our feisty felines are generally lower maintenance than their canine cousins and are often the choice pet for people who have a full lifestyle and are unable to maintain a consistent training regimen that dogs often require, but still want the blessing of a furry companion.

With the increased popularity of our purring companions, which has risen above the barking set, the need for highly trained professionals also rises. Skilled feline groomers are in demand to help keep these felines in peak physical condition.

Grooming cats can be volatile. It is imperative that the groomer receive professional training before embarking on this specialized career. Although challenging, it is a rewarding career as felines vary in their personalities and quirks as much as the humans that love them.

I.C.A.T.S. offers different ways to accomplish learning this incredible skill. If you feel that you would like to advance your career further and to attain different levels of certification of the highest standard.


Our seminars are very interactive and hands on.

Certification seminars are minimum 2 days and are packed full of information, practice, fun and all about felines.

We also offer 1-2 hour seminars which can be tailored to your requirements.

Not every cat is stable enough to be groomed in a salon. Many felines are required to be placed under anesthetic to safely remove any matts or pelting of the fur. This procedure is performed by highly trained veterinary staff. But the sad truth is that they are not groomers. I.C.A.T.S. has developed a course, designed strictly for veterinary staff to learn the ins and outs of grooming pets under anesthetic. 

I.C.A.T.S. is continually evolving. Each seminar is not only a teaching experience for our instructors, but we also learn from our students as well, often incorporating what we have learned into future seminars. By continually growing, our seminars never get stagnant or the ‘same ole thing’.


There is more than the lion cut to offer your customers. New styles are created or discovered on a regular basis, so check back often. We teach a variety of styles in our seminars and how to incorporate more than one style on the fancy feline on your table. You will learn easy ways to land mark on any purring client to consistently create stunning styles. 

You will also learn some creative grooming and why it is important to incorporate it into your styles.


Experience the thrill of passing on your knowledge to students learning this skill. If you feel that teaching students is in your future, I.C.A.T.S. will be offering an instructors course to become an instructor for us.

The more popular our fur balls become in this ever changing world, the higher the demand for groomers that excel in their skills. Whether you are new to cat grooming or have been grooming them already, we can help you learn your skills, refine your skills and take your future further than you thought possible.