Medical Grooming Workshop

  The medical grooming workshop bridges the grooming world with the veterinary world. Veterinary staff will at some point be required to shave either a cat or dog under anesthetic.

These pets go to the vet for a variety of reasons;

1.    They are too aggressive for a groomer to safely handle them.

2.    There is no groomer in the area.

3.    The animals have health conditions that require constant monitoring by veterinary staff that may include severe matting and medical issues that often accompany severely matted pets.

ICATS understands the stress that the veterinary staff feel when they are required to do a job that they have not been trained for and the frustration when the groom turns out less than appealing.

After all, they are not groomers.

This is why ICATS developed the Medical Grooming Workshop.

We are offering a one day course on grooming pets under anesthetic.

What you will learn in the medical grooming workshop

We focus on the shaving process and different techniques for desired results, teaching handling the clippers, different blade lengths, shaving the matted pet and different patterns that will ease the frustration of the staff and give them the confidence to perform the groom on an anesthetized pet.

We will also show the students care and maintenance of the equipment that is common both in grooming shops and veterinary clinics.

Injuries from nicks to razor burn will be examined and strategies to prevent any and all injuries.

Safe effective ways to cut nails on both cats and dogs will be taught.

This is a one of a kind workshop developed and taught by ICATS.

This workshop is available to colleges and universities providing education in the veterinary field of medicine. Veterinary clinics can also hold a workshop in clinic. There are certain requirements needed to attend the Medical Grooming Seminar, access them here.

For those that don’t have either of the above opportunity, ICATS will be arranging special opportunities for you.

The veterinary clinic or school is required to supply cats that can safely be put under anesthetic for grooming as well as the anesthetic medications. Extra clippers and blades can be supplies by ICATS if needed.

This is the only course in the world designed specifically for the veterinary staff.

Your instructor, Jackie Larocque, worked over 10 years in veterinary clinics and holds her masters in cat grooming. She understands the delima of shaving cats in a veterinary clinic and the struggles that current veterinary staff face to perform the task of shaving pets in the veterinary setting.

 A full outline is available on this page…