ICATS seminars are highly interactive and hands on, so come prepared to get your hands furry.
We offer different workshops for the pet professional and they are described here with links to each outline.

Professional Groomers

Do you have what it takes to be a cat groomer?

Discover certain qualities that cat groomers should have and see if you fit the criteria and requirements.

Cats and dogs are very different in all aspects except that they both live with humans and grooming cats requires a different skill set than grooming dogs.

You will start practicing handling techniques on stuffed animals so you are comfortable using the holds before you use them on a live cat. This allows you the time needed to perfect a skill to eliminate the stress of learning a new skill with a live animal.

The focus of the seminars are:

1.    Proper brushing and combing methods and the tools available for brushing, deshedding and dematting.

2.    Handling; different holds that are safe and secure will be demonstrated and the student will have the opportunity to practice each hold several times before using them on a live cat.

3.    Body Language; students will learn and be able to recognize different body languages that real cats will show while being groomed.

4.    Shaving; the student will learn different methods of shaving, the pros and cons of each method.

5.    Matted cats, when to shave, when to brush and how to wet shave.

6.    Styles; several different styles will be introduced to the student. This can change as time goes on as new styles are created or submitted. The student will learn how to get neat sharp lines and how to landmark to create a symmetrical style that any feline will be proud of. Creative grooming will be touched on.

7.    Bath: different methods of bathing will be introduced as well as drying methods

8.    General husbandry: nails clipping, nail caps, ear cleaning, eyes, toes.

9.    Zoonosis including bite and scratch treatment.

10. Equipment for the cat groomer.

11.Grooming Cats and dogs in the same salon and the business of cat grooming

A complete outline is available hereā€¦

Mini Seminars

We take portions of the two day course and present them to groomers in a shortened version that can be accessed at weekend grooming events or pet events.


Different handling strategies will be presented including holds for shaving different areas of the cat, holding the cat while transporting it from kennel to table and back again.

The extensive use of a towel will be covered.

Pros and cons of different equipment available to the cat groomer.


Different style for the cat groomer will be covered with land marking hints to create an even pleasing style.

Creative styling that can be added to any existing styles and why it is important to add a bit of flair to the cat on your table.

Styles covered are; full lion, mini lion, lynx, bobcat, panther, puss in boots, mohawk, caterpillar, catorsarous, round head, different tail styles, short and long boots.

 A live demo is available depending on the venue and availability of a suitable cat.

For outlines on our minis follow this link.


Students will receive a certificate of attendance for the two day Grooming course as well as offering the opportunity to test for the practical portion on your journey of attaining your International Master Cat Groomer.

The Medical workshop will provide a certificate of completion as well as an opportunity to receive the designation of International Pet Medical Groomer upon passing both a written and practical exam.

Mini-Seminars will not provide any certificates to the attending people unless requested by the host of the event.  

Hosting a Seminar

To host a seminar please contact ICATS directly through our Contact page to learn the details.


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