Requirements for Groomers

To be accepted into a cat grooming seminar, there are certain requirements that the student must meet.

The student must have proficient skill with clippers.

Because of this requirement, only experienced dog groomers will be accepted.

Should you want to become a cat only groomer and do not have any skills or very minimal skills with PET clippers (human clippers are not applicable), you must pass a mini course through the Alberta School of Dog Grooming or other recognized grooming institution (long distance schools are not acceptable) on clipper maintenance and clipper skills.

ICATS requires the above because the seminars are very intense and there is not the time to bring a student to the level of expertise with clipper skills needed to groom cats safely and efficiently.

The seminars are for the pet professional not for the pet hobbyist.

Requirements for Medical Grooming

For the Veterinary Seminar the student must either be;

1.    Employed in a veterinary clinic and must be working directly with the animals. The seminar is not for reception staff.

2.    Enrolled in a veterinary medicine secondary institution either a Veterinary Technician program or a Veterinary Medicine Program.

3.    A groomer at a veterinary clinic that is required to groom pets under anesthetic.

Mini Seminars

The mini seminars are open to all as they do not require the students to handle live cats.