Styles for Felines

Styles for felines can be as varied as canines.  The mini Lion is by far the most popular style cats can sport today, but, ICATS teaches more than just lions. Take a look at the different styles you will learn in a seminar.


The most requested style by clients. A small mane that can cascade down the chest. This style shows off the sleekness of the feline while lending a wildness to to the overall look.


For cats that want carry a mature wild stature, the Full-Lion replicates the design of a mature, male lion from the plains of Africa. The mane flows down the neck past the shoulders allowing the feline to feel the power of his ancestors.


Instill the wild from North America with this regal lynx style. Especially common among the longer furred felines assisting with the prevention of nasty matting under the chin and on the throat area.


Staying in the wilderness of North America, introducing the bobcat. Not the flowing cheek fringes of the lynx, but no less ferocious. A delightful style for the medium length furred cat.


Which ever name you call it, this style reveals the sleekness of the feline body uninhibited by mane or tufts, it is a true example of world wilderness in your shop.

Puss 'n Boots

All the styles can claim the name puss n' boots when the front legs sport delightful boots


Tail designs galore. Mix and match tails to different body designs.

Creative Cats

Our students learn different ways to spice up the felines, from non toxic tattoos, to amazing styles, they learn how, when and why a bit of flair is appealing for the cat.


Whose to say the mighty Stegosaurus isn't an ancestor to the feisty felines of today. They certainly wear the spikes well.


A wonderful spring choice for those clients who like something completely different. A stunning style for the short haired cats.

These two cats were styled in one of our seminars.


Students learn easy ways to add some color to the kitties, what products are safe and why tattoos are beneficial to the cat.

The styles for felines not included in photos, that will be taught include: Brazilian shave to eliminate those nasty litter box cling ons and Tummy Tuck to keep matting at bay on the tummy and chest area.

Styles for Felines

All of the styles can be inter mixed. A lynx can have a lion tail or even a rear mane. ICATS teaches you the basics, but only your imagination can carry it further. We teach you land marking to create symmetrical styles every time. Students will learn both shaving in reverse and with the lay of the fur and which method is advantageous in different circumstances.

Your creative side is given free reign in our seminars.